This is my site. Hence the term Emma's page.

I miss my kitty

Other random stuff. On Emma's site.

Inside jokes.....if you don't get it's okay.

laughter makes those tears go away unless you laugh so hard you cry.

Boredom is part of life and it's boring. I'm sleepy that's part of life too.

Pretty pink penguin and the green one too. Inside joke!

Star Wars is cool and i really want to see the movie! YODA!!!

I was playing in a foutain....or was i?! once again inside joke

Im really bored.

Use the force where's da remote for da t.v? GOSH!

This is pretty boring. Like my pic...cause i don't

Emma1 (28K)

Well ya that's me! Not the best pic ever but it'll do.

Music is cool and it rocks!

What new wit you?

Tell me on da phone call me

Coffee is weird. Milk is good

Im bored how bout you?! Adjectives!

ok Star Wars Cult shhh (inside joke)

i don't know what to write anymore!!!!

School is done and summer is here!

May the force be with you.

Im so bored please talk to me sometime or somehow!!!!